Live Forever

No songs for this band.

after a year of anthony and jeff playing these songs in a dog shit covered basement Live Forever emerged bringing their brand of crossover pop-punk-hardcore and a love for 90's era hardcore to the public. anthony had been shuffled from guitar to drums to bass and back to guitar in the finalized line up. They met mike (drums) through a mutual friend. Jamie (bass) was known to the members of the band from years of going to shows and sharing a love of all genres of awesome music, jamming together was a no brainer. dave (vocals) came about in david lee roth like fashion, bringing his own pa to try out. as impressive as this was to us his presence and ability were even more impressive.

With this complete line up Live Forever are slated to record in the fall and kick off their first east coast tour. soon after this tour will be another and another and another until we have seen every face of every person who enjoys good times, good tunes, high fives and stage dives.